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Why Ethernet over Copper Internet just makes Sense

What is Ethernet over Copper?

Ethernet over Copper (EoC) is an Ethernet line service which is delivered to your home or business over copper wiring. The wire is double twisted copper the same as that which delivers telephone, T1 or broadband service, or TV cable to your home or company. The difference is that Ethernet over Copper (EoC) refers to the pair of twisted copper wires, not to the entire bundle of cable wire.

Ethernet over Copper was formerly available only in large metropolitan centers but its use has been widely extended to less populated areas recently.

How does it Work?

The Internet provider leases use of the paired copper wiring of the local telephone provider. EoC Internet does not interrupt telephone signals of either incoming or outgoing calls. EoC simply uses the copper wires. The Internet service provider installs terminal technology at each end of the telephone circuit. This equipment uses special modulation and interference cancellation filters to acquire broadband width without affecting telephone transmission.

Why is EoC Better?

EoC is better for several reasons. It provides fast Internet service. Transmission is reliable. The user seldom experiences disruptions. EoC is also significantly cheaper than other Internet service. Should your home or business require an expansion of Internet service, EoC makes it much quicker and easier to upgrade.

Ethernet over Copper is also easier for your telecommunications service provider to monitor from their home base. Trouble shooting is faster, easier and often occurs before you even know there is a problem!

Ethernet over Copper is superior to T1 lines because it can provide interface between WAN and LAN. You need no additional connections.

Why Does EoC Just Make Sense?

Ethernet over Copper just makes sense. There is no additional equipment required for interface. It’s cheap. It’s fast and it’s reliable.  There is room for expansion should your home or business require it. EoC makes use of existing telephone cable rather than adding new wiring. This cuts cost and installation time.

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